“You don’t live here”.
Our neighbour’s two cats seem to think they live at our house. They try to squeeze in the door at any given chance - it makes me feel terrible! Are they hungry? This painting was inspired by a photo I took the other day. This little cutie spent an hour watching us make dinner. Let’s just say that our own cat, Nova, was *not* impressed ....

Someone take me to NYC so I can draw houses all day long! 💕


Drew a little Icelandic hut in my sketchbook today. Feeling inspired to fill its pages with all kinds of landscape drawings now!

Iceland Hut Drawing.jpeg

Man in the woods with his pup ☝🏼🌲Sick with a cold today, so I’m cuddled up with a comfy sweater, hat, slippers, a blanket and about 5000 mugs of tea/juice/water as I sit here in my studio working on this commission. The sick life ain’t that bad when you love what you do ✨


And here is the finished piece! I made some changes to the dog, and added a ton of detail to the forest to give it as much depth as possible. Very happy with how it turned out!

Sketched some foxes this weekend. Pretty chuffed with how they turned out! Feeling inspired to add some other woodland friends to the mix :)

Blueberry drawing from earlier this week

Experimenting with masking fluid today! I’m very new to this medium so this has been a lot of fun :)

Strawberry Bush drawing for a greeting card commission I’m currently working on.

Some woodland friends I drew up for a New Baby card commission I’m currently working on!


Detour Cafe, a lovely little spot in Dundas, ON


Slowly getting back into the swing of things after the holiday madness last month. Here are some ink drawings I’ve done recently. To view more of my ink work, check out my instagram @kristentaylorink :)

Preliminary duck and swan sketches for my illustration of The Ugly Duckling #2018illustrationchallenge